Seeing is Believing no need for words of description and statements. Ok ok I can say a few here goes: Gelato lover, Uni in SE Asia my 2nd home, Anime lover, Day Dreamer to the core Aiit oh yeah I'm Blessed! :)
Anonymous asked: What would you do if your wife kept money (a substantial amount) hidden from you?



I mean, in Islam a wife’s wealth isn’t obligated to be shared with her husband, so I don’t expect her to tell me about, or give me any, of her riches.

As long as she’s not spending it on the superfluous, when our family is struggling, then more power to her.

Rights of the Wife 101.

Anonymous asked: Why is my wife so bitchy on her period?



Well, let’s tear apart the lining of your prostate until it’s damaged enough that you’re consistently bleeding from your urethra for 5 days, and then you may feel free to ask again.

But when you do ask, don’t refer to your wife, or any other woman for that matter, as “bitchy”. I won’t allow that in my presence.

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Beyonce?



I think she’s got a great voice. I think she’s made some great songs.

And I think she’s gotten too famous for her own good.

To become famous or to help fellow muslimas?

If youtube wouldn’t make you famous, would you still make hijab tutorial videos? I’m very sure if the music industry wasn’t a money making zone beyonce wouldn’t be bothered to make singing as her career, we all want attention & to be known but some are more hungry for it and unfortunately people think they make the videos and became “fashionistas” cus dey care for peeps, news flash dey only care to be famous and only care for the attention & admiration that’s their secret reason for doing what they do, women(people I know) dat r even greater &cooler @ modest dressing and hijab styles can’t be bothered to get admiration nor care for it nor do anything to get it they are the ones I hail&admire.

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